We are proud to be a "Virginia Grown" market! To wear that title, our market offers only produce and goods that are grown or made within 100 miles. The fruits and vegetables are from our local farms, the cookies and cakes from local bakers, and the handcrafted items there are all made by local artisans.

Les Vilda offers some very interesting, fun, and educational living history programs. (U.S. History 1800-1850). Les Vilda doesn't just regurgitate information from the history books, he's lived it!

The NRLHF is a federal non-profit organization formed for the management of Living History Rendezvous between the time periods of 1640 - 1840.

In October of 1981, a group of Blackpowder shooting enthusiasts met at the home of Ronnie and Joyce Hockman with the intention of forming a club to further their sport and provide a means of fellowship and camaraderie.

The Olde Virginia Primitive Riflemen is an organization dedicated to creating and promoting fellowship, brotherhood and interest in the art of primitive muzzle loading shooting, pre-1840 life and encampment through organized rendezvous.

The farther you live from what some people consider civilization, the more self reliant and innovative you have to be.  You have to admire a guy who enters a field and actually creates his own genre by making  a musical instrument with which to conquer a niche that any other mortal is afraid to even challenge. That is exactly what Washtub Jerry has done.  

He is the only “tub-bass” player in the field of cowboy entertainment today. Not only that, he may very well be the hardest working man in the business.  Go to any show  where Washtub is performing and you’ll find performers lined up to get him to play backup bass for them.  I have yet to see him turn one of them down.  In addition, he understands more about music theory than any music teacher I know and can illustrate it to you on his unique instrument with the skill of a philharmonic surgeon.  And, to top it off,  Wash was named "1999 Instrumentalist of the Year" by theWestern Music Association. 

Steve Sprinkle has been making and selling high fire stoneware since the mid 70's. This long time Texas potter started his career after attending Texas Tech University in the late sixties.  Opening his first studio in Austin, Steve sold his early work through galleries and juried shows.  Now located in Dallas, he creates a line of contemporary stoneware as well as a line of historically accurate pottery for Living History reenactors.  Traveling to Historical Reenactments across the US he sells his wares to reenactors of various time periods.

Sesroh is your one stop shop for all your horse and riding needs.  From supplements to feed and everything in between.